• Our Team & Values

    Our Team & Values

About SciTank

SciTank stands at the forefront of academic innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of research support services tailored to empower scholars and researchers worldwide. Our expertise spans from meticulous manuscript editing and proofreading to strategic journal submission and impactful publication recommendations.

With a deep commitment to advancing academic excellence, SciTank combines cutting-edge technology with personalized support, ensuring every research project we undertake achieves its fullest potential and global recognition. At SciTank, your research journey transitions from aspiration to academic acclaim.

Company Background

SciTank, founded in 2022, originated from a decade-long dedication to academic support. Our mission is to facilitate seamless transitions from research to publication. Beginning with editorial aid, we’ve grown into a global academic consulting leader, offering services like data analysis and AI integration. Noteworthy milestones include aiding over 1000 clients globally, facilitating 100+ impactful publications, and expanding our reach across Asia and Europe. Our commitment to innovation is evident through AI integration and acclaimed workshops. We also contribute to the academic community through free resources and advocacy for open access. Looking ahead, SciTank remains devoted to empowering academic excellence and supporting clients in making a lasting impact.

Our Team

At SciTank, our team comprises seasoned academics, research consultants, editors, data scientists, training specialists, and client success professionals, each bringing unique expertise to empower researchers worldwide. Led by visionary leaders, our strategists develop tailored publication strategies, while wordsmiths refine manuscripts to scholarly standards. Data scientists provide advanced analysis, and training specialists offer workshops on research skills. Our client success team ensures smooth partnerships. Despite diverse roles, we share a common goal: supporting academic success. Through collaboration and innovation, we leverage our collective expertise to make a meaningful impact in academic research.


“SciTank is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of academic and scientific discovery by providing comprehensive writing, publishing, and data analysis services. Our mission is to empower researchers, scholars, and institutions worldwide with the tools, expertise, and support necessary to share their insights and findings with the global community, thereby fostering innovation, collaboration, and progress in the pursuit of knowledge.”


“SciTank envisions a world where academic and scientific research is seamlessly integrated into the global knowledge base, driving innovation, solving complex challenges, and contributing to the betterment of society. We aim to be at the forefront of facilitating this integration, by being the most trusted partner in academic publishing and research support, ensuring that every researcher has the opportunity to make their mark on the world.”


“At SciTank, our values are the bedrock of our mission to bridge the gap between research and recognition. We uphold Integrity in every facet of our work, ensuring transparency and honesty in our interactions and processes. Excellence guides our pursuit of the highest standards in publishing and data analysis, driving us to constantly refine our skills and services. Collaboration is central to our approach, fostering partnerships that amplify the impact and reach of research. We embrace Innovation, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and technologies to advance the field of academic publishing. Lastly, we are committed to Empowerment, providing researchers and scholars with the tools and support they need to make a lasting contribution to the global body of knowledge. Together, these values inform our actions and decisions, shaping a future where academic discovery is celebrated and shared widely.”

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